Excerpts from Hankyu's Journal


I have led my team to the town of Nakhayb where we have been stationed for what seems to be an extended period of time. Our orders are to help secure this town both militarily and structurally. If you ask me, it’s a bull shit mission and I wish I knew what mistake I made to get me assigned here. Though, I believe I have done a good job of letting my team know my sentiments. Just have to power through it like I always do.

Nakhayb is the most backwater town I’ve ever been to. I would call it a glorified truck stop but that would be giving truck stops a bad name. I’m refusing to eat or drink anything we didn’t bring here. I’ve ordered the team to do the same, but who knows if they’re following that order. Flowers won’t shut up about how tired she is of the MREs.

We have started administering the water purification solution to the town’s water supply. The application of the purification process is so simple, a child could do it. At least now I will have a use for Jenkins. Flowers is as always, more than happy to take up the defense of the town. Manzilla’s creepy ass has decided to join her which suits me just fine. Having some quiet time in our make shift police station/HQ is not exactly the worst thing to come my way. At least this assignment will prove to an easy one.

Jenkins proved once again to be worthy of his low rank. I caught him in another one of his absent minded moments trying to administer the second bottle of water purification solution for the day. Not that I think it would cause any harm, but they man is completely incompetent. I have half a mind to see him disciplined, but why bother. Incompetence seems to just be a part of serving in the army these days.

There has been a spike in violent crime in the past few days. Three first fights in the last three days. Chief Maram tells me that this is the most he’s seen in such a short time. This has until now been a peaceful town. I’m sure this will so wonders for my career if an insurgence starts on my watch.

The surge in violence seems to have escalated to an epidemic. I can’t call it an insurgence as the acts seem to be completely scentless. The timing is unfortunate as Nakhayb is experiencing what looks to be an economic anomaly. Worker productivity has gone through the roof and right along with it the violent crime rate. Not really sure what to make of it.

Full scale riots have broken out! The streets seemed to have turned into a small scale war zone. I don’t understand; there were no reported terrorist cells or organized crime of any kind here. And yet, mobs of people have taken to the streets. The police still seem confident they have things under control, but you wouldn’t be able to guess it by looking out your window.

Very little if anything has improved. The streets are still a mess and I think I even saw a few cops among the demonstrators. The intensity of the attacks is increasing and the bizarre behavior demonstrated is astounding. I watched a two men hold down a third so a women could vomit on his face! I think it’s time we pulled out. My career is not worth becoming a victim of whatever is happening here.

I am quite sure this is my last entry. The team has become split and I can’t reach anyone of the radio. I’m hoping at the very least to help whomever finds this. What I have seen in the town of Nakhayb is truly incredible. The mobs appear not only to be crazed, but somehow infectious. I watched a man who was bitten begin displaying the same erratic and violent behavior as the ones who bit them.
And I wish that was the worst of it. Demons appear to be coming out of the ground. Impossibly gaunt yet horribly strong spider like humanoids began jumping out of holes in the ground. They wielded sword like claws on their hands demonstrated a terrible agility.
Worse still are the tentacle people. The bodies of these things seemed to be comprised almost entirely of an uncountable number of tentacles. Whenever it encountered people who were unaffected, it would rear back a launch stream of white liquid with startling accuracy. And I can’t be sure but it seemed to leave a trail of this slime where ever it went. Anyone hit with the white liquid seemed to turn in a matter of minutes.
Furthermore, these things seem to move in packs and they most certainly seem to share an agenda. Beyond infecting or killing everyone in their path, I can only guess what that may be. My speculation is that they seem to work as some sort of hive mind. Their actions seem too well coordinated, they are too well in sync with each other… The only way to get away from them is to either join their ranks, or be a corpse. And I am certainly no trader. I hope whoever finds this has better luck than I did.

-Second Lieutenant Scott Hankyu


Excerpts from Hankyu's Journal

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