Finn McAdams

Finn is the nicest guy you know.


Finn is an easily forgettable nice guy, and people tend to take him for granted. He’s always willing to help someone in need, regardless of their lot in life. He can also be overly-cautious at times, which means that while he is friendly and generous with the people he helps, he never invests too much of himself in people. When he does, he does so completely. He is loyal and level-headed, if somewhat boring. He despises adventure for it’s own sake. He rarely starts conversations, but will always give his opinion if asked. He’s perceptive and reserved; a classic example of an introverted specialist.


Finn was born in Montreal to Irish parents. His earliest memories are of simple times, doing simple things. His father worked at the harbor, and his mother ran a in-home day care center. Finn learned to share at a young age and his lack of center-stage attention defined who he would become as he grew older. By the time he was in his teen years, he had slipped into the in-crowd as the nice guy, friend-zoned by dozens of girls.

His first girlfriend was a cute black-haired track-runner from Paris that he caught on a rebound from one of his footballer acquaintances who had dumped her for something more willing to suck him off in his mustang. Her name was Colette, and he was with her until she went back to Paris for University. She was always amazed by his willingness to listen to her talk, or how he always treated her with respect. They’re still good friends today.

His career with the Montreal Police was fairly straight-forward. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law at the University of Toronto, and was promoted to detective within a few years of hire. Within the department, it became known that he was one of the best detectives on the force, but his life was still lacking something. Due to his time being stretched between a demanding job, caring for his ailing, widowed mother, and volunteering for the public defender’s office, he had difficulty connecting with anyone socially, let alone romantically.

He decided to move to the United States after 9/11, amid another wave of Quebec independence protests. He just wanted to help in a place where people actually need it. With his mother taking her own life in early 2005, he had little holding him to the city of Montreal. So, in 2006, he moved to Chicago and enlisted in the United States Army in order to fast-track his citizenship. He is open about his decision to leave Canada, and has found that most people seem to be impressed with his decision. He just thinks it was the right thing to do.

Finn McAdams

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