Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales

new guy


After leaving the police station with “Azazoth and the Others”, the group decided to follow up on more leads at the University. Starting with a visit to Kasif’s ex, Joanna Forester. After an interview with her, she mentioned that Kasif spent most of his days in the library. The group headed there next. In the library the group ran into Professor Cathcart who ran as soon as he was spotted. The group gave chase but he seemed to disappear into thin air. After a complete and thorough investigation of the area, it was clear to the group that he shouldn’t have been able to get away. The group currently suspects that Cathcart is a ghost or super natural of some kind. The group then decided to research the books that Kasif had been reading before his demise. Once the books were gathered, the group headed back to the green zone to start their research. While a significant amount of time was put into the research, there was simply too much complied information to go through before exhaustion set in. Taking a break from research, the group decided to interview Professor Detwiler (psychology) about the happenings on the university campus. While his answers seemed to the group to be evasive, Detwiler led to the group to professor Fallou Ngom (Ancient Arabic). Fallou was much more forthcoming about the events that transpired those years ago.

· The group of people mentioned in Cathcart’s journal were most likely professors , not students.

· The group professors decided to attempt one of the rituals in a book with a number of paranormal activities occurring as a result.

· Only Cathcart and Detwiler know where the book is.

· A disagreement formed about studying or hiding their findings. Detwiler wanted to exploit them while Cathcart wanted to hide them.

Armed with new information, the group decided to re-interview Detwiler. After refusing to admit to any of these new facts, the group decided to set up surveillance on him. While watching him, he appeared to become aware of being followed at some point and ran from the group. When the chance became vehicular, the group decided to go with the prudent option and let him get away. The group then decided to head back to what is believed to be the beginning; in the boiler room of the university. There, the group found the strange glyph scrawled into one of the pipes and what appeared to be a blocked door behind one of the boilers. Without the proper tools to open the door, the group left. And that where we wrapped.

XP gain: 5
Total: 110 (Not including degeneration)



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