Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales

boiler room



Once back at the green zone, the fifth first team came across their newest member. A soft spoken Mexican American with a strong affinity towards computer science. After thoroughly examining the man’s paperwork, it seemed apparent that everything was in order.

Along with the new member, the First Team went about their business. The plan was to wait until late at night and break down the door found in the university boiler room. The group deft snuck onto the university campus and successfully avoided the campus patrols. Once in the boiler room, the group moved the boiler out of the way and used sledge hammers to demolish the wall.

Once inside and after a thorough investigation, the group found the following.

· A 100 to 150 year old ceresin lamp

· An extensive library on demons. The books were in several different languages and appeared to coincide with the origin of demons culture.

· Two of the books from the demon library were on a desk in the room. Azazil and Asmodeous.

· Faint carvings in the floor that formed the same symbol found scrawled into the pipes in the boiler room.

· A secret compartment in the floor that held a leather bound book that Billings seemed to think was written in Aramaic.

After moving the library out of the boiler room, the group began to study it. While that was happening, Finn decided to visit Ishmael Rush. Finding only an empty apartment and a closed book store, Finn decided to put out a military APB on him.

The group also found the apartment of Professor Detwiler. After a day of surveillance on his condo, it became apparent that he was not home. After gaining entry to his condo, the group copied his hard drive but wasn’t able to find out anything else. After some deep research into Detwiler’s computer the following email chain was found.

From: Muhammad Makkawi

To: Jerry Detwiler

It is always good to hear from you my friend. Your research has proven invaluable. However I regret to inform you there is no need to meet on this topic. Plans have already been set in motion and it can’t stopped now. Make sure to watch the news on the 2nd, the world will bare witness to what the Sayf Al Adel is capable of.

From: Jerry Detwiler

To: Muhammad Makkawi

While I greatly appreciate our working relationship and certainly still respect your ideology, I must respectively disagree with the current course of action. Without further research, there’s no telling the extent of the damage that could be cause by releasing the agent. It’s possible could spread far beyond any containable boundaries. I’m writing to implore you to reconsider this plan. Can we meet for further discussions on this topic.

After making this discovery, we wrapped.

XP gain: 5
Total: 115 (Not including degeneration)



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