Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales


While deciding what to do next, the group spotted a large group of people heading towards the group from the North. The group decision was that none of their allies would be traveling at such a time or fashion and decided to avoid the people. Doing so lead them into a nearby town called Fort Assumption. They were greeted by a dead body that had been shot by several high caliber rounds.
The group decided to clear out and take refuge a hotel/café. There they seemed to fall into a forced slumber where dreams of a populated Fort Assumption existed. However it was short lived as they bear witness to a town massacre. It appears as though a member of the town’s law enforcement had started a shooting everyone in sight before the dreamers awoke.
We ended with the players re-investigating the waking world. It was still night as they made their way to the front of the building. In the streets they group witnessed their first signs of life in the town. A man walking down the street who seemed to glow slightly in the moon light.

XP again: 5
Total: 95 (Not including degeneration)



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