Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales


The group decided to try and find the rest of the anchors in the town. The decision was that if they could remove all the anchors, they would be able to leave the town. Before they could do this, they spotted Jhmanrha watching the group from a rooftop. After a brief conversation with him, he mentioned that the town will not let them leave.
At this point, the group decided they had had just about enough of Fort Assumption and decided to make a break for it. The plan was to take the water supply they had been collecting and walk back to the nearest town.

However, the group was confronted by a throng of dessert vipers with glowing red eyes on the town’s outer boarders. Determined to stick to the plan, the group made a mad dash through the army of snakes. Throwing grenades and running through the holes in the lines made by the blasts.
The group made it through however the cost was high. Nearly the entire group was bit and poisoned by the vipers. Both Hastings and Manzilla succumb to deadly poison that coursed through their veins. The group started their trek into the dessert but did not make it far before they realized the power had returned to their equipment. A call was made back to base and within hours, the group was picked up and headed back to the green zone.

After giving a report, the group began to pick up where they had left off. A new member was added to the group to replace Hastings from the intelligence field named Finn McAdams and Beaker began treatment for his poisoning.

The group had a follow up meeting with Colonel Sink on the subject of the most recent mission. Feeling unsatisfied with the Colonel’s answers, a call was made to Simon. Simon explained to the group that the problems of Nakhayb were being taken care of. He also made an offer to the group to join him but added in the warning that “the truth is ugly”.

Simon’s offer was turned down. Instead, the group headed for the university to follow up on the leads of the madman, Mohammad Kasif. Kasif was gunned down months earlier but a member of the first team after going on what was believed to be a school shooting spurred by insanity. The group started by talking to his frat boy neighbor, Adam Michaels and searching Kasif’s room. What they found…

• Studied Political Science
• Used to be very outgoing but had very few friends leading up to the end
• Has an ex named Jenny, Joan or Joanna or something…
• Was Adam’s roommate until he got “weird”
• Covered his room in charcoal glyphs and ramblings
o One particular pentagram like glyph had been seen by the group before
• Had all his possessions confiscated by the local police

The investigation led the group to head to the local police station to follow up with the detectives assigned to the case. While they didn’t get much from the police, they did convince them to allow the group access to the evidence locker. In the locker the group found…

• Kasif’s cell phone
• Proof that Kasif and Professor Cathcart had extensive communications up until Kasif’s death
• His ex-girlfriend’s name, Joanna Forester
• An ancient book with the title “Azazoth and the Others”
• The meaning of the pentagram like Glyph known as an “Elder Sign”. Protection from the “Outer Gods”.

With said revelations, we wrapped.

XP again: 5
Total: 105 (Not including degeneration)



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