Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales


After successfully coaxing the sniper out, the group met their first living resident of Fort Assumption, Jhmanrha. The man explained to the team that his family had a home in Fort Assumption and that he lived in the area alone. He also explained that he was aware of the “crazy people” who lived in the town to the Nakhayb and that the town didn’t need that kind of people in it. When it was explained that the group believed the water supply was the cause for Nakhayb’s problems, the man suggested that his water supply was not tainted and people could rebuild here in Fort Assumption.

The group continued their investigation into the mysteries of Fort Assumption. They found in the Magistrate’s office, a cubby hole hidden under his desk. In the hole they found the skeleton of who was believed to be the Magistrate along with the AK-47 used in his apparent suicide. Upon finding the magistrates rifle, members of the group began acting oddly.

First the group began to grow increasingly irritable followed by turning on each other. The magistrate appeared and forced Eloni and Sarkan to flee. He then commanded Hastings to attack Beaker. It was decided then that quick action was required. The bones of the Magistrate were taken from the cubby hole and buried in the cemetery next to his wife. However, this seemed to have little effect as the group continued to turn on each other.

Luckily the group came to its scenes long enough to figure out that part of the problem was the magistrate’s rifle. Whoever was holding it seemed to become enraged. The group then decided to destroy the rifle believing it to be an anchor of the magistrate’s ghost. This seemed to work as the attacks ceased.

However, the group soon realized that the Magistrate was not the only supernatural force residing in Fort Assumption. Waking that night to discover the town’s residence were all leaving their houses and joining a march down the town’s main street. The people seemed to be following a hooded figure carrying a staff with a bell on it to the town’s mosque. Inside the group encountered the imam and the whole town who only stared intensely at the group.

We wrapped with the group backing out of the mosque and returning to the makeshift distillery.

XP again: 5
Total: 100 (Not including degeneration)



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