Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales


Catching up with the man, Specialist Hastings decided to confront him. Upon said confrontation, the man began maggots out of his mouth and stagger towards Hastings. The result was a short gun fight that seemed to “awaken” the once still town. People began pouring into the streets calling the group murderers. However, this was short lived as the group began to realize these people were illusions.

After finding a well, the group decided to start a water purification system in order to leave the town. However, a ghost began scaring the members of the group away from the distillery. This prompted a more thorough examination of the town.
The group first encountered the town magistrate, Sabaj, in his office. The first meeting led to a fight which ended with the magistrate scaring the group into fleeing his office. From here, the group decided to look elsewhere.

Eloni entered a dream state where he witnessed men loading into a work vehicle and heading west. However, he chose not to follow them. Shortly afterwards, he saw a man sneaking out of a house. Following the man, he discovered he worked as a shop keeper and was most likely having an affair with the Magistrates wife.

After waking up, Eloni’s story convinced the group to head west and discovered a graveyard just outside of town where nearly all of the tombstones had the same date. The wife of the Magistrate’s grave was also discovered here. Continuing down the path, the group found the entrance to the long abandoned “Babyhead Oil Mine”. In the mine, they discovered a stash of food, a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull and a sleeping Manzilla.

While leaving the cave, a sniper was spotted in the hills. We wrapped with Hastings trying to call the sniper to meet the group.

XP again: 5
Total: 95* Fixed from the previous session (Not including degeneration)


So, here’s the plan as far as I can tell…

Talk to the ex-girlfriend
Break into the professor’s office
Research the book
Get more information on the shaded section of desert
Summon the Great Old Ones

Wait, what?!


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