Ancient Horrors of the Middle East and other Strange Tales


The players continued up on their investigation of strange occurrences at the University of Baghdad. Their search led them to the murder scene of their former colleagues and previous members of First Team 5.

Professor Cathcart’s Residence

• The house’s windows and doors had been boarded up.
• Multiple controlled fires were found inside. One in the kitchen and one in the laboratory where five kennels were also found.
• The house appeared to have been investigated by another first team.
• There were numerous signs of a extremely bloody combat involving at least 6 to 10 quadrupeds and 4 to 6 bipeds. One of the bipeds seems to have fallen and got up again but it is unclear who or where that person went.
• A trap door to a crawlspace or basement was found in the living room. However, it appears to have been caved in. Not sure how.

Investigation was interrupted by a call from the green zone requesting immediate return to base. Reason being, the emergency beacons on all four members of First Team 2 went off. The team geared up and headed to Al Nukhayb, a small town on the edge of the Syrian Dessert where First Team 2 was stationed. What is known about First Team 2’s mission is they were helping the town increase their infrastructure. We left off with the group closing in on Al Nukhayb. They had homed in on the Manzilla’s emergency beacon. What the players discovered at the beacon:

• Manzilla’s jacket with the activated beacon.
• The tracks of 2 to 4 people heading towards and past the beacon. Judging by the direction, the tracks lead to a town past on the way called Fort or Castle Assumption.


Doesn’t that Fort know what happens when you make assumptions?


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